Sugar Plum Dream

by Boston Ballet

Videographer: Ernesto Galan
Choreographer: Mikko Nissinen

Produced by MASARY Studios
Editor: Sam Okerstrom-Lang
Sound: Ryan Edwards


Created in collaboration with Principal Dancer Chyrstyn Fentroy, this film invites you to share her perspective as a biracial Black dancer and Company member of Boston Ballet. Follow her journey with clips of choreography from Mikko Nissinen’s The Nutcracker and brand-new footage captured on stage at the Citizens Bank Opera House.

“I remember the day I knew I wanted ballet in my life forever. I entered the stage and my heart began to sing. I could suddenly feel the music on my skin and in my muscles rather than in my ears.

Every time my feet touched the floor it felt like sunlight kissing my cheek. I found moments to close my eyes and truly let go, getting lost in time and space. Somehow remaining completely present at the same time.

As a biracial black woman, I’ve come across many experiences where my physical differences and identity felt underrepresented in classical ballet.

I’ve always been different, but there came a day where I was given the opportunity to define what different meant. Did I want to try to change my appearance to fit in better? Or did I want to show the world why my differences are beautiful? I chose the latter. And it was terrifying. But when I entered the stage once again, this time truly in my skin, I was reminded of when I first fell in love with ballet, but now, completely free.

In ballet and in movement, I found a sense of belonging that—with every performance—I want to continue to share with others who have felt different too. My name is Chyrstyn Fentroy and I am a Principal Dancer with Boston Ballet.”