Memory Palace (short)

by Jorma Elo

Writer + Director: Mikko Timonen
Choreographer: Jorma Elo
Assistant to the Choreographer: Anthony Randazzo

Produced by No Frames
Executive Producer: Erin Judd
Producer: Jeff Brown
Editor + Sound Designer: Mikko Timonen
Wardrobe Designer: Boston Ballet Costume Shop
Jewelry Designer: Maja DuBrul


Memory Palace explores themes of love, loss, passion, and heartache. The film uses dance to portray the intimacy of a lifelong relationship between two people. Memories are shown out of order, as if the characters are floating through a vivid dream. According to writer and director Mikko Timonen, the powerful vignettes place the viewer inside “the complicated and abstract mental construct of a person traveling through their memories.”

“My original idea for this film was inspired by my parents. My mother was suffering from late stage dementia and Alzheimers when my father passed away. I realized there was a possibility that my mother woke up every day and had to relive that moment, realizing that her husband of 65 years had just died. What confusion and horror she must have felt.” –Jorma Elo
“In creating this film, we wanted to draw distinctions between memories that were vibrant versus moments that felt like the characters were drifting away from one another, into the vast abyss of memories. The mood shifts through the choreography, the textures and colors of the environment, and the composition of each scene.”
–Mikko Timonen

No Frames
Cinematographer: Mikko Timonen
Camera Operator: Christopher Aran
1st AC: Thom Cameron
Gaffer: Andrew “Tank” Rivara
Key Grip: Chris Wiesehahn
Electrician: Chris Yannaco
Hair + Makeup Artist: Maria Palermo
Production Assistant: Fadi Magdi
Color: Rare Medium

Boston Ballet
Artistic Director: Mikko Nissinen
Assistant Artistic Director:
Russell Kaiser
Resident Choreographer: Jorma Elo
Company Manager: Juliana Jordan
Production Manager /
Technical Director:
Benjamin Phillips
Chief Marketing Officer: Deborah Moe

Boston Ballet is grateful to
Sylvia T. Pope for her enduring commitment to new works by
Resident Choreographer Jorma Elo.